Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is there free checking for crackheads?

Ever wonder if your broker was smoking meth when he told you to invest? Well, he may have been. Or if not, he may just be laundering money for meth dealers. A Chicagoland bank was charged in laundering money for drug trafficking!

Hey, what's the interest on a meth laundered account? If it's higher than 6%, I'm switching banks! Hey, it's a bad economy out there. Follow the money.

Link between early television exposure and later problems with attention span?

I do think kids are exposed way too early these days to television (and generations of ADHD kids are propagated), but blaming dvds for lazy parenting is an all new low. I mean, I've seen minivans on the road with infants in carriers watching tv in the backseat. (BTW, I notice because the carriers should be facing the other way, but don't get me started on those parental units.)

How is it a scam to sell dvds that at least try to be educational, since you're plopping your kid in front of the boob tube anyway?

Here Wii go again...