Friday, September 18, 2009

Tron Legacy begins 12/17/10!

"Tron: Legacy" to be released on Dec. 17, 2010. In IMAX!!!

Newsflash: Bush doesn't know Jack Matt

I love how Bush's cronies played the "I don't know you" card. Like when you hooked up with someone at closing time (we've all been there...) and then the next night you pretend not to know each other. Not sure why they're on the defensive. This tell-nothing we already didn't know or suspect tell-all book sounds boring.

100 TV and Movie Spoilers in under 5 minutes!

I thought this was pretty good. I've seen most of these movies and shows, but there were a couple that I never saw, never probably will and always wondered what the fuss was about. Perfect! Now I don't have to see them.

I also liked these videos because they actually helped sum up the points of movies I never really understood. American Psycho was a dream, that makes sense finally. Blair takes over Mrs. Garrett's job, makes sense. OK, well here you go:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top Sci-Fi movies list

I found a list of the top 100 sci-fi films of all time. It's pretty comprehensive and made me appreciate how many of the these movies I've seen again and again. Click the link to see the entire 100, but here's my top 10 from their list (including Total SciFi Online's write-ups):

1) Aliens (1986)
James Cameron cleverly eschewed aping the original, and instead upped the alien quotient and delivered one of the most purely exciting films ever made. But this is no brainless actioner. Cameron waits almost an hour before the acid-blooded xenomorphs make an appearance, while the film transformed Ripley into a bona fide iconic action heroine. There’s also a memorable selection of supporting characters (Hicks, Hudson, Newt, Vasquez) and instantly quotable dialogue (“game over man!”).

2) Tron (1982)
Tron was ignored for many years, but is now widely accepted as a genre landmark, combining stunning – and unique – computer graphics in an effectively simple story of programmers battling inside an electronic world. The long-awaited sequel, Tron Legacy, is expected in 2010.

3) The Matrix (1999)
The Wachowski Brothers’ movie had it all: groundbreaking ‘flo-mo’ battles, ice cool characters, nods to spaghetti westerns and a large dose of cod philosophy, in an innovative, much-loved actioner. Even the lame sequels can’t detract from the film’s ingenuity.

4) Predator (1987)
A sci-fi spin on the slasher template, this sees an alien hunter stalk a bunch of commandos in the Central American jungle. But the extra-terrestrial menace doesn’t bank on dealing with the Austrian Oak… One of Arnie’s best 80s actioners, this is exciting stuff, tightly directed by John McTiernan. Plus you get some fine Arnie quips (“Knock knock!”) and the chance to have fun trying to spot Carl Weathers’ real arm tied behind his back as it’s blasted off.

5) Return of the Jedi (1983)
OK, so the Ewoks and abrupt death of Boba Fett continue to divide opinion, but ROTJ contains more memorable sequences than most movies could dream of: Luke’s battle against the Rancor monster; the Sarlacc’s pit; the speeder bike chase and a fitting conclusion.

6) Blade Runner (1982)
Like many of the movies on this list, Blade Runner was not a critical or commercial success on its initial release. Some critics at the time simply dismissed it as style over substance. Yet, along with its unforgettable depiction of a neon-lit LA that is essentially a mash-up of Western and Eastern cultures, Ridley Scott’s film is backed up by a real sense of sadness, fear and longing, and an often overlooked wry humour. As Deckard, Harrison Ford proved he could pull off a much darker hero than Han Solo, and Rutger Hauer gave the performance of his career as the psychotic, feral and ultimately tragic Roy Batty. A masterpiece.

7) Total Recall (1990)
Based (very) loosely on Philip K Dick’s short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, Total Recall has both brains and brawn. When Arnie discovers that his memories are fake, he heads to Mars to find the truth. Cue foul-mouthed robot taxi drivers, ultra-violence and a three-breasted woman.

8) Stargate (1994)
The movie that sparked off 10 years of SG-1, 5 seasons of Atlantis and the upcoming Stargate: Universe, Roland Emmerich’s movie scores due to a simple but clever concept and inventive effects. Like Emmerich’s later Independence Day, it’s corny at times, but it adds to the ‘B-movie with a budget’ charm.

9) Mad Max 2 (aka The Road Warrior) (1981)
If the original was raw, energetic and brutal, the sequel took things to a whole new level as Max helps a community defend itself from crazed punks. Highlight: the boomerang sequence.

10) Escape from New York (1981)
Snake Plissken is one of cinema’s great action-hero, with Kurt Russell on top tough guy form. The plot, meanwhile, has influenced everything from District 13 to Doomsday, and it boasts John Carpenter’s best synth soundtracks.

Megan Fox looking hotter than ever. And some dude grabbing a piece of her.

I used to oogle Megan Fox when she was on Hope and Faith, even though she was only a teenager. Yeah, I'm either that pervy dude who scopes on-the-border-of-legality chicks or a Hollywood talent scout who missed his calling. Eh, same thing.

Here's a bunch of photos of Megan Fox from a recent magazine. The photo above is of Megan at the VMA awards. It looks like the dude behind her is pinching her azz and it made me chuckle. That's one lucky hand! Although he might be enjoying too much if he's closing his eyes...hope Megan's outfit has stainguard!

Multiple Mes8ings

I've managed to avoid posting about the Gosselins, simply because my wife used to make me watch their show against my will and I've hated them the whole time. Well, I used to think he was a decent guy who married a witch, but he truly is a douchebag at this point. She's been elevated from witch to "See U Next Tuesday" becuase her mothering, cooking and cleaning perfection didn't rely on her own elbow grease: she's had a hired staff all along.

Not that I care to discuss them anymore, but I thought it was ironic they know the best thing for their dogs (if not receiving the attention they need...) should be removed from the situation. Ah, how about doing the same for your own kids?!!!

Glenn Beck: Satan's mentally challenged younger brother

Glenn Beck is a tough one. Not because what he says is strong in logic, but because I'm not sure anyone can get a read on him or what he stands for in tangibles or specifics. On the one hand, it's easy to take potshots at EVERYTHING and get people riled up in paranoia and mass witch-hunts. On the other hand, he seems to take shots at everything equally, albeit vaguely (capitalism, socialism, Dems, GOP), so he's not choosing sides necessarily (which I appreciate). If only he could get people to turn out at the polls and vote for a viable 3rd party candidate for President...I wouldn't care what kind of nutso stuff he cries about!

I hate the polarity of the political landscape in the United States. However, Glenn Beck makes me recognize that sitting in the middle and taking the best talking points from each side isn't the answer either.

Then again, if Chuck Norris is with Glenn, he can't lose an argument. Chuck drop kicks arguments without breaking a sweat.

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Bugs do the darndest things.

Pink is the new green in the bug world!

Little girl Phillies fan tosses Daddy's ball away.

Seriously, how nice is this guy? I'd probably be drunk and yell at my daughter if she did this. Know how rare it is to get even a foul ball in a stadium? And from a hitter on the team you root for? Yep, I'm a mean daddy.

On the other hand, no way would a take my daughter to a game where the seats are front row balcony!

New posts!

I'm feeling creative again and finally have some time to gather my thoughts (and find weird things on the net), so stay tuned. Should be more very soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ass-urance on insurance

I'm going to stop the political posts for a while because they make me mental, but some things have been bothering me in the media lately and I need to vent. Even if only to myself and the few people who accidentally view the website looking for legit information that will help aid you in life, like Craigslist's Casual Encounters page or the Drinkers Against Mad Mothers website (BTW, this dude is going straight to hell.)

Anyhell, the U.S. is closer to a healthcare reform bill. Now, I haven't been keeping up with this healthcare debate because I purchase PPO plan through my work. Always have, always will...hate waiting to get permission from HMO's to go see a doctor when I want. So, the bill doesn't have an impact on me directly, other than possibly increasing the amount I pay because insurance companies will raise all rates to cover the fines and increase imposed on them by this bill. But, that's the insurance companies doing for screwing over average citizens, right? Not the government. Isn't the insurance companies who refuse to cover pre-existing conditions that might actually lower the likelihood of developing complex medical conditions that burden the reimbursement system? Yep. Isn't it the insurance companies that raise malpractice rates and force hospitals to up charges in order to cover? Uh huh. Rather than complaining about illegal aliens (BTW, there's a lot more uninsured Americans who receive free treatment in hospitals than's called Medicare) ruining things, how about implementing a system that warrants having to provide ID in order to be covered under the public plan?

Nope, let's keep listening to the idiots out there who come up with clever campaigns like this poster:

And by idiots, I'm not talking about the GOP right. I'm talking the big insurance lobby that doesn't want the good times to end for their companies and be forced into competitive rate cuts!!!!

Senator Wilson proves South Carolina lacks has class.

As if the story of South Carolina's Governor wasn't funny enough (remember no one could find him...then his aids said he was hiking for a couple of days...then it turns out he was hiking up his mistress' skirt in South America?), now there's this Congressional outburst controversy. Maybe Jimmy thought he said, "You die!"? I love how the last lines of the article are the most compelling argument.
In 2003, Wilson called it "unseemly" and a "smear" for the mixed-race daughter of Sen. Strom Thurmond, Essie Mae Washington-Williams, to identify the longtime South Carolina senator as her father after his death. After a public outcry, he reversed course and said he had the utmost respect for Washington-Williams.

As a state senator, he was an outspoken opponent of efforts to remove the Confederate flag from atop the South Carolina Statehouse.

Who says the media is too liberal? Sounds kind of damning to me! If the shoe fits...

Speaking of shoes, does pat Boone have a pair that match his jacket in this photo? I couldn't find a photo of Wilson with the confederate flag, but this one with Pat Boone is even better. Whatta patriot! (Where's Waldo alert: what's with the guy in back making fun of Pat's "creative" American outfit? He's probably a terrorist. He's definitely un-American fo sho.)

U.S. flaccid thanks to Bush.

President Bush did a heck of a job destroying the U.S. domestically and abroad. Mind boggling how many Americans still like him and think he did a great job. A great job at what? Tax refunds? That's about it...and one could argue those refunds came from President Clinton's economy. And looking at the state of this economy now, were those refunds a good idea? People lost their jobs, lost their houses...but they got $600 per person per household! Whoopee!!!

Not that President Obama is a savior, but at least he accepts this country is in disrepair and something needs to be done. Other, than talking about tax refunds, oil drilling and the 2nd Amendment.

Chicago is #2. Is that an insult?

Dayum...Chicago has a lot of bars. No wonder I love it here! If you can't grab a drink on every corner, what's the point of living anywhere, really.

Top 5 of America's Most Entertaining Cities

1. New York, N.Y.
Restaurants: 35,421
Bars: 3,844
Nightclubs: 400
Museums: 734
Live Theater Venues: 710
Sports Venues: 57
Sports Teams: 7
Forbes' Best Cities For The Outdoors Ranking: No. 21

2. Chicago, Ill.
Restaurants: 15,692
Bars: 2,493
Nightclubs: 219
Museums: 275
Live Theater Venues: 261
Sports Venues: 24
Sports Teams: 6
Forbes' Best Cities For The Outdoors Ranking: No. 25

3. Los Angeles, Calif.
Restaurants: 23,209
Bars: 983
Nightclubs: 283
Museums: 306
Live Theater Venues: 192
Sports Venues: 26
Sports Teams: 7
Forbes' Best Cities For The Outdoors Ranking: No. 32

4. Miami, Fla. (tie)
Restaurants: 9,689
Bars: 734
Nightclubs: 208
Museums: 133
Live Theater Venues: 91
Sports Venues: 18
Sports Teams: 3
Forbes' Best Cities For The Outdoors Ranking: No. 16

4. Washington, D.C. (tie)
Restaurants: 7,814
Bars: 477
Nightclubs: 146
Museums: 211
Live Theater Venues: 112
Sports Venues: 15
Sports Teams: 5
Forbes' Best Cities For The Outdoors Ranking: No. 9