Saturday, March 28, 2009

More 2009 upcoming movies


The Hangover

The Brothers Bloom

Explicit Ills

Planet 51

The Limits of Control


The Education of Charlie Banks

Miss March



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are trailer

Wow, kind of deep for a kids book turned movie. Not sure if I'm as interested in this movie now. I was expecting there to be some metaphors for escaping reality and unleashing the inner wild thing...but emotional abandonment? Neglect? Deep stuff from a bunch of fancy mascots.

No one is safe from layoffs.

Guess Darth heard they're cutting the contractors first? You hate to see this happen to a single father with 2 kids.

Pizza investigation needed!

While on vacation, I had some pizza and got to wondering about my previous posting about Sbarro's and pizza slices. Now, I know there may be local places that sell pizza slices, but they're few and far between or they open and close in the blink of time. Well, I did a quick search and there are some spots in Chicagoland that offers NY-style pizza by the slice AND white pizza. WHITE PIZZA! They serve white pizza up at Pizza-Ria, a franchise outfit with several locations in Chicagoland. I definitely need to make a pizza run to one of these.

Then there's Ian's Pizza, in Wrigleyville. I'll definitely try to swing by before or after my next Cubs game, but I don't have high hopes. I suspect drunken Cubs fans are discriminating enough to truly judge a great slice of pizza. Really, they just want dough to soak up Old Style.

I also found Pronto Za. Oh no they didn't. Any place that calls pizza "za" is not to be trusted for quality pizza. It's sacrilege. As if that wasn't offensive enough, slices are $3.50 a pop! Yep, we've got a gourmet joint (with specialty choices including Marguerita, Crabcake and Monkey Mango) pretending to be old school. Not working. And it's no coincidence websites on "protozoa" also came up in my finding "Pronto Za." Symbolic and ironic.

I will figure out a way to investigate these so-called by-the-slice shops and report back on my findings. Based on my previous samplings, the offerings will probably be chewy crusted and cheesy white (sans cheese bubbles), but I'll keep an open mond (and open taste buds).

Monday, March 23, 2009

The weather channel girl, with her perfect hair and curl... talking cold, cold, cold. You can't get out of bed, you can't remember what she said, you're feeling old, old, old.

I'm taking a quick vacation and so excited. I NEVER go on vacation. I've been working crazy hours to keep my job so I need this. Funny, because when I work long hours, I never post on here. I'll probably be posting out my butt on vaca, but hey it's my time on my dime!


USA Today has new photos from the upcoming 'Where the Wild Things Are' movie. With Spike Jonze directing, this movie is bound to be not the usual kiddie fare. Cool.

Where The Wild Things Are

No joke, this looks awesome. As a parent, it'll be nice to see kids movie that's not another dumbed down cartoon buddy flick with the latest tween voicing a character along with Ray Romano and John Ratzenburger. (Sidenote: Viva la Cliff Claven!)

Toilet humor. Literally.

Now Firing!

Er, awkward.

Dear Bethany,

You know why that magazine is in your son's room, don't you? Admit it. It's OK. Your son and his girlfriend are selling naked men magazines to girls at school to get them adickted to sex. The girlfriend probably left a vibrator in his room too, to see if you'd notice? In the closet, right?

The only advice I can give is for you to kill yourself. You clearly aren't smart enough to be a parent and the truth will only warp your feeble, naive brain. Plus, you snoop through your gay son's sh*t!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost that time again...

...hey Chicago, whatta you say? Cubs are gonna win today.


You know it.

Obama's new stimulus package

Only his new stimulus stimulating package can "pump" money into the economy.

Warning: he's a gifted orator!

Upcoming movies

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Funny People

Away We Go

Star Trek

Year One

Terminator Salvation

The Proposal

Sleep Dealer

So you can see why I married my wife?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG bonuses steal from the poor (taxpayer) gives to the rich

How better a reward for mismanaging funds than a bonus package for a job well-fucked?

Petland = puppy mills

Not that anyone should be surprised, but those cute puppies you see in mall windows? Yeah, they're crossbred and have lived most of their life in horrible conditions. I know, so why don't moore peopl rescue them by taking htem home? Because you're giving your money to the puppy mill breeders and encouraging them to keep producing, you moron!

Do the pups a favor? Don't shop at Petland and either adopt puppy or buy from an AKC registered breeder.

Happy St. Pat's!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wii is murder.

I normally just rag in the Wii Fit and claims to get in top shape with it. Then, I read an article about an increase in violent games for the Wii console. Ordinarily, I say parents need to watch their kids and know if they're being exposed to and/or playing games they shouldn't. Afterall, technically, a teen shouldn't be playing a rated M game and pre-teens shouldn't be playing teen. The ratings are there for a reason, but can't (and shouldn't!) replace parenting. When the violent games expose the kids to actually moving/gesturing like they're killing people, I fault Nintendo. There's a big difference between pushing a button to stab someone and actually jabbing your hands forward in stabbing motion. Both are simulations, but I think reality is blurred when the motion of enacting is involved. It's TOO real of a simulation. Which is fine for hitting a simulated tennis ball, but not for hitting in the gut.

Who knew there was a AO (Adults Only) rating and why isn't it used more for games that involve crimes (even if the crimes are simulated with the push of a button?)

Guess I have to stop faking it.

Moving to the Midwest from the East Coast, for the most part, was for the better. The only major hang-up that has still been tough to get over: food. Don't get me wrong I love Chicago-style, deep dish pizza. However, I'd be lying if i didn't say I missed East Coast pizza: crispy-crusted, thin, flat, wide, triangles of burnt-bubbled cheesy heaven. Sbarro's, the mall pizza staple is the closest I've found to an East Coast slice (SIDENOTE: why does no one in the Chicagoland area sell pizza by the slice? It makes sense! yet, hard to find and the ones who do eventually stop or closedown.) OK, Sbarro's normally sucks, but if you have them put a plain cheese slice back in the over until the cheese browns and the crust crisps, I can fake it and pretend it's East Coast style. And it can only be faked with plain cheese. The toppings outside of the East Coast are not the same...there's no faking it.

Now I have this to crushing news to what little solace I had faking it: Sbarro's is in danger of losing their ovens. Nooooooo! Not that I'm surprised because, like I said, everywhere that sell slices goes under (it may make sense, but maybe it doesn't make money?), but I'll being limited in pizza choices once again.

If Sbarro's wants to make it, they need to stop selling their crappy pastas (I suspect their lasagna actually has rubber in the recipe...) and specialty salads. Oh, and try firing the 11 people that always seem to be working there. One person to make pizza, one person to cut/serve them on the plate and one person to do drinks and cash. It's paper plates, so you don't even need a dishwasher!

Today is a sad day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

'Cause it's Ladies Night, oh what a night!

An endangered species.

Latest eco choices. Is this it?

We all know about the Prius, the Camry hybrid and Accord hybrid. With auto sales in the crapper and car companies still burned by the anti-SUV sentiment last summer ,when gas was almost $4.00 at the pump, developers are scrambling to design the best functioning and most reliable eco-friendly car. Hybrids seem to be the most consumer friendly at this point, but clearly the goal is a gasoline independent vehicle. And with that, here are 2 more new...contenders:

The sperm mobile?
"An exclusive drive of an aerodynamically slick electric vehicle that looks to change the world, three wheels at a time. The Aptera 2e, a soon-to-be-produced electric vehicle whose shape is slipperier than a Teflon-coated salmon on glare ice, and whose composite construction offers both light weight and impressive structural integrity. Better yet, the 2e is scheduled to begin rolling off the Vista, California, assembly line this October for an as-yet-to-be-determined price between $25,000 and $40,000. Charge it overnight from your 110-volt home outlet, and it's claimed to have a range of 100 miles."

The American comeback?

"OK, let's just get it out there: The 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid is the best gasoline-electric hybrid yet. What makes it best is a top-drawer blend of an already very good midsize sedan with the industry's smoothest, best-integrated gas-electric power system. It's so well-done that you have to look to the $107,000 Lexus LS 600h hybrid to come close. The Toyota Prius crowd will protest. A car is, after all, a driving machine. Nothing about the leather-lined test car, optioned up from its $27,995 base price to $32,555, seemed economy minded except for the mileage readings. On that score, the Fusion topped the others, turning in a 34-mpg score card for the overall 300-mile test run."

The unattainable dream machine?

"A Tesla Roadster: the all-electric icon for the petroleum-free automotive movement; acceleration so strong it pins you to your seat as well as excellent passing power at speed. He reports the 0-60 mph sprint occurs in 3.9 seconds. The $109,000 Tesla Roadster is more about what it is than what it does. Much greater than simply a stylish, swift machine, he feels it's the first step to a world without oil."