Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 corrections needed for "hot" TV shows right now.

I thought this is a great, quick analysis of some of the "hot" shows on TV right now and how they're starting to veer off their "hot" paths...

I'd like to add that Modern Family and Cougar Town not try to introduce too many more new characters. Guest stars are fine occasionally ala Friends, but we don't need any more characters. Use the ones you've got in the stories. And no babies!!!!


Wireless bandwidth getting crowded.

This is just crazy, that wireless has taken off like this, in average households:
...consumers are flocking to wireless Internet connections, in some cases dropping landline accounts altogether. ABI Research projects U.S. mobile broadband subscriptions will climb to 150 million by 2014, up from 48 million this year and 5 million in 2007.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Wood's "indefinitely" leaves golf; fellow golfers ectsatic

Tiger Woods is gone...for now, from the golf pro tour. Tiger's fellow golfers are happy for multiple reasons. Not only did they think he was a major jerk, but now the winnings are actually open to other golfers again. Who knew Tiger competing for the attention of hos would increase competition for the pros!

Facebook death like Samurai: seppuku Seppukoo

This sounds pretty cool...basically dying honorably in cyberspace. However, knowing me, I'd have to go back on Facebook to reconnect with someone and then I'd have to rebuild my profile all over again.

While I aim to be honorable, I'm much more lazy.

Jersey Shore not convincing that "guido" is term to be proud of

Party poopers. They're all just hating on "The Situation."

And Domino's has some nerve. If Jersey Shore isn't "in keeping with what they're all about," then maybe they should only advertise on Christian tv programs (since they support "Operation Rescue") to promote "what they're about."

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Future fees for iPhone apps!

An AT&T exec stated on 12/9/09 that iPhone data usage could become more restrictive in order to provide better service overall. Basically, AT&T is saying "Thanks for getting hooked on our hip product, but now we're going to charge you fees to use it because our service sucks." Nice.

Consumer Reports agrees:

Yet, both Apple and AT&T encourage iPhone owners to use more of those bandwidth-hogging features.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AT&T cares about dropped calls? Probably not.

They just have to seem like they care so people won't jump ship from iPhone to Droid or Windows OS phones.

Just call them iLousy. iPhone now had an app (now there really IS an app for everything...) to report their faulty service with dropped phone calls. The irony is the dropped calls aren't because of iPhones. It's AT&T's lousy coverage. So, what recourse is there for AT&T customers who are not iPhone users, with dropped calls? None, because AT&T doesn't care about you. Just your friends with iPhones who may see that newer technologies are on the horizon for smartphones. Hopefully Apple won't steal them and roll production ahead of time!

End of a Millenium Decade

I completely didn't think about this being the end of the beginning of the Millenium. Yahoo has an article kind of stating what impressions were overall for the beginning os the 2000's. I'm mainly posting this because I remember Y2K being a freaked out thought and now it seems like ages ago.

Tiger Woods Saturday Night Live Skit

In case you missed it...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Palin courting anti-abortion votes

An article on Palin pimping out her Down syndrome son to gain possible future votes for the next Presidential election lobby against abortion rights.

Seriously, why can't I stop reading about her? There's something wrong with me.

Operation: Guido Fist Pump?

The only acceptable fist pumping: soldiers in Iraq. And that's only becuase there's nothing to do in a desert and they need to keep their sense of humor.

Jersey Shore (aka The Real World: Seaside)

Will the rest of the world now think Americans are guidos instead of cowboys?

Being from Jersey originally, I know the real name for this shore town is Sleazeside. MTV has started a new show for guidos and guidettes to get drunk and horny with each other to show what young Italians do to perpetuate stereotyping living in a Jersey shorehouse is like. Of course, I'm hooked alrady, line and sinker in mouth!

My interest in the show differs from most people, however. Whereas most of this country (and maybe the world?) is watching this weekly trainwreck thinking "there's no way people actually look, talk and act like that," I'm watching thinking "I went to school with these nutjobs." I can attest that this show is for real and these people do act this way on a daily basis. This is how the Jersey shore lays out every summer when a bunch of young people whore it up on the weekends with like-minded nutjobs. Thus why the most popular shore town for partying earned the nickname "Sleazeside," instead of Seaside.

Whereas I always wanted to leave New Jersey to get away from these personalities, watching this show is a small taste of revisiting the past without having to actually go back. I can practically smell the Sambuca and taste the saltwater taffy all over again!

What's sad is I now find cheesy guido tees funny instead of a warning for a meat looking for a fight on the boardwalk:

And finally: fist pumping to the Total Eclipse of the Heart club remix kinda says it all:

Guido = Douchebag

Obama surrounded by idiots?

So I think we all knew this Presidency would be the complete opposite of the last Presidency, especially since Obama was voted in under the theme of "change." But it's starting to be very interesting to see the ways in which the "opposite nature" of his leadership is being revealed.

At a recent White House press corps debriefing, the White House Secretary chastised a reporter for following-up on the "white house party crashers" issue and wondering if someone within the White House (other than the Secret Service) may have been to blame. Here's the video:

What's interesting is how Bush and his cronies used to get pissy over national agenda and the questioning of their stalwart stance towards that agenda. Now Obama and his cronies get pissy over social agenda and their lack of organization.

What's also represetnative of the inherent difference in Presidencies is who make up these "cronies." Whereas it is assumed that President Bush was a figurehead who alllowed his political team to run the country and make decisions, President Obama clearly has surrounded himself with less intelligent and less reliable staffers.

It's going to be an interesting 4 years!