Friday, August 8, 2008

Blazing Saddles is #46 adjusted.

The success of The Dark Knight and the possibility of the DK being the highest grossing movie ever, by surpassing Titanic (which it won't, unfortunately), made me look into other movies on the list of the highest grossing movies of all time. To my surprise, there's 2 different ways to evaluate movie revenue: all-time and adjusted. "All-time" is total revenue for a movie and what you keep hearing about (i.e. The Dark Knight has made $400M+ and Titanic made $600M). "Adjusted" is when you factor in inflation. The differnce in lists is very noticeable. Here's the top 5 in each; click the links above to see full lists.

1. Titanic = $600M
2. Star Wars (ep.IV) = $461M
3. Shrek 2 = $436M
4. ET = $435
5. Star Wars (ep.I) = $435M

1. Gone With the Wind = $1.4B
2. Star Wars (ep.I) = $1.2B
3. The Sound of Music = $1B
4. ET = $1B
5. The Ten Commandments = $927M

Billions? Crazy! How did 2 chick flicks get the number 1 spots? I couldn't even watch all of Titanic. Even the submarine/marine exploration scenes were a snoozefest. I'll let Gone With the Wind slide. The Civil War is always cool and Rhett Butler owned Scarlett O'Whora.

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