Monday, August 4, 2008

Borat Meet Bruno

Here's some random happenings that have been coming out recently for the next movie from Sasha Boron Cohen (Borat). His next crazy character is in a new movie for October 2008 release. Here’s the title of that upcoming movie, some leaked possible scenes and some clips. High five!

Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt

• According to local Arkansan media, crowds in the cities of Texarkana and Fort Smith who "came for the lure of cage fighting and $1 beer" were treated to the spectacle of men ripping each others' clothes off and kissing. Bruno strikes again! The source reports that Texarkana's police captain said a red flag was raised before the show at the fairgrounds. 'Promoters' asked for 10 plainclothes officers. Officers answered the call but were asked to sign release and liability waivers. The officers learned that there were “plants” in the audience who would try to rile the crowd. In Fort Smith, a police sergeant said 18 off-duty officers provided security AND that the two men in the 'show' went right up to the line of the city's morality laws. The crowd reportedly booed and threw beers. It took the police about 45 minutes to clear the arena!

• Local newspapers in Kansas have reported that a "European man" was "putting security on red alert" by "stripping down to tight shorts and dancing in the lobby of Wichita Airport".

• A church in Kansas also reported that a 'European' crew showed up to their Easter play in chains. But in this case, the church sniffed out the prank and stopped what was likely Cohen's crew from disrupting the play.

• On Thursday, at On Your Mark Studios in Sherman Oaks, California, a witness reports, "I saw a Bruno character kept under raps interviewing parents and their children about wanting to be in an upcoming commercial. He was wearing tight black leather hip huggers with bedazzeled g-string underwear sticking out and a tight fitting cropped tank top."

• Sacha tricked a former Mossad agent and a Palestinian expert into an interview where he made them discuss the difference between Hamas and hummus. The two dudes had no idea they were being duped. The Telegraph reports:

In the interview, which took place in Jerusalem, Bruno asked: "What's the connection between a political movement and food? Why hummus?" One of the guests politely explained: "Hamas is a Palestinian Islamist political movement. Hummus is a food." But Bruno went on: "Ya, but why hummus? Yesterday I threw away my pita bread because it was dripping hummus. And it's too high in carbohydrates." He told them: "Your conflict is not so bad. Jennifer-Angelina is worse." And he baffled the pair with a string of questions including: "Why don't you settle the conflict with a time share on the land?", "When will you Jews return the pyramids?" and "Why can't Jews and Hindus get along?

Clips from the old Ali G show:

Bruno goes to a missy elliot audition

Bruno goes to a chtistian rock festival

Bruno - At Daytona Beach

Bruno Interviewing Skinheads

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