Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soldier running from a fight?

In all honesty, McCain being concerned about the economy is admirable and it is something that requires quick action/attention. However, McCain suspending his campaign worries me for 2 reasons:

1. He can't multi-task? Assuming he's not a secret financial expert doing the actual number crunching to calculate the liquidity in the markets, he can't vote on a bill AND work on his lobby to be the Leader of the Free World? I didn't realize casting a vote is so difficult. (Election Day should be a holiday for all of us then, right?!)
2. Isn't the point of a running mate the fact that you need a right-hand person to help burden the load? A back-up, in essence? Why doesn't McCain send Sarah Palin to Washington, since she's so good in fiscal matters? Or better yet, push back the Prez debates and have the VP's debate tomorrow night?

I'm hoping McCain is suspending his campaign for the right reasons and not for political reasons. Let's be realisitic: the most successful part of mcCain's campaign is to reel-in corporate spending and reducing taxes. Guess what? A $700 billion bailout is protecting CEO's who mismanaged corporate spending and will increase taxes. McCain suspending his campaign: addressing the economy issue or running from it? You decide.

McCain Suspense!

Obama to McCain: Oh no you didn't?!

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