Monday, September 15, 2008

Time to put your money under your mattress.

Or in the coffee can. Or the freezer. Or up your bum. I don't think you have to follow a strict code when squirreling away money. The point being: the fit has hit the shan. Here's some of the wonderful headlines from today.

Stocks tumble amid new Wall Street landscape

Americans can remain confident in the soundness, resilience of financial system

Not to sound the panic alarm, but is the economy finding ways to hit all new lows? Just when you think it can't get worse:
Stocks in the toilet? Well, at least I have my house.
Housing downturn? Geez, thank God I still have my savings.
Banks crumble and FDIC can't cover? I'm f*cked!

And as an added bonus: remember the highest unemployment rate in 5 years from last month? I don't think 26,000 Lehman employees and Washington Mutual's employee base is going to help those numbers.

What am I worried about? I can up my street game and hustle!

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