Saturday, October 25, 2008

Backwards for sure.

I gotta stop h8ing on Palin and McCain. There are Americans who believe they're the best choice for the top office. These voters identify with their platform of honesty and determination. And unfortunately, some McCain supporters are now being attacked for their beliefs, as evidenced HERE.

Wait a second. Was that a backwards B on her cheek? An update on the story: Say it isn't so?

She doesn't remember what happened? Before or after the 6'4" black man jumped her at the ATM, after seeing her bumper sticker? That sounds like a lot of detail recollection to me. And I can see how her false report wasn't racially motivated. It's not like she said an injun tried to scalp her outside of a casino. She can't remember the past and the McCain/Palin ticket can't either. It's almost poetic symbolism.

In a nutshell, I think it's important I keep h8ting on Palin and McCain. Because really, their supporters are dumbasses, plain and simple. Emphasis on simple. An Obama fake victim would've carved a J on her tits. Not only would that have taken the drawing-it-backwards-in-a-mirror issue out of the scam, but it would've shown her commitment, dedication and slutiness for the Obama platform. Oh, you know us Obama supporters get freaky deaky.

Damn, I should've sold some "Flash 4 Obama" t-shirts on Cafe Press. You know that shit would've been gold.

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