Tuesday, October 7, 2008

God Bless War.

We may not have given Iraq a complete democracy, but we definitely gave them wealth. Why are we still in Iraq again? Why can't they rebuild themselves with their own money and soldiers?

Iraq Better Off

Apparently immune to all the [economic] turbulence was Iraq . The government has little if any investments in the institutions affected by the crisis and a barely functioning stock market. Most Iraqis keep their money in their homes rather than trust banks.

"We don't believe it will affect our bank balance," said Minister of Industry Fawzi Hariri . "In the short term we'll be one of the least affected nations."

The Iraqi government has more than $25 billion in cash reserves. Even with oil prices dropping below $90 a barrel, the Iraqis forecast oil revenues to be in the neighborhood of $80 billion .

To vote for McCain in the next election, is a direct thumbs up to continuing an unnecessary and unwarranted war. And a vote to spin us into further economic crisis. Would the US be hurting so bad economically if we hadn't spent $586 billion dollars on the war to date?

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