Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not as cool as "Flash 4 Obama," but I'll give them credit for getting their idea out there early.

Rednecks for Obama

Some of their slogans:

'I don't care about his beer, I care about his intelligence.'
'We've had many democratic presidents, and we will still have our guns.'
'He is brilliant. And he's not an elitist, though he has the education to be.'
'We need to build the economy from the bottom up, none of this trickle down business. Just because you're white and southern don't mean you have to vote Republican.'

Some of my slogans, if I was a genius like these guys and started my website earlier in the election:

'I like boobs and so does Obama.'
'McCain wants Cold Wars. Obama wants cold nipples.'
'Obama supports the economy and breasts. He'll use his head for both.'
'Obama motorboats.'

I need to copyright this shit before someone steals it!

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