Sunday, November 2, 2008

My next political post.

Basically, I'm an independent voter who's advocated unsuccessfully (most people roll their eyes) every election that the US needs a legit multi-party system. I've trashed McCain/Palin multiple times in postings, but that's manily becuase, in addition to being idiots, they're entertaining. You gotta give them that. I've laid off Obama, but that's more out of boredom.

Imagine my surprise when I voted that there's the Democratic ticket, the Republican ticket and...the Consitution ticket, the Green ticket and the Libertarian ticket. And Ralph Nader. Multiple choices on the ballot. WTF? I can't even find a descent website comparing Obama's and McCain's platforms side-by-side. How am I supposed to find the 411 on candidates not mentioned at all? Hell, it's not even like they were mentioned enough to be smeared by the "major" parties.

Well, I voted and I'll keep my vote between me and my God. God being Johnny Walker Black. God help us!

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