Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ban this. ,,!,,

A small university in Michigan comes up with an ANNUAL LIST at the end of each year to deem words (most are phrases though?) that should be banned from use in the new year. Considering my last posting, I feel the need to comment/rebuttal! The list isn't ranked, so I've added some rank to aid the uncreative individuals who compiled (and voted) in this poll. Let's dissect and add to this important discourse:

15. "Not so much" - I'm pretty sure this phrase came from Borat. And that movie was the shit. Nuff said.
14. "Green/going green" - Yes, this definitely has been nauseatingly overused, but it kind of has to be to get people off their asses to do SOMETHING about the Earth being slowly destroyed. Ever notice how many ugly light bulbs are in people's houses now?
13. "Monkey" - I don't get it. Kids text the word monkey to each other as a joke? Maybe I'm the loser and this list is hipper than I realized? Nah, that ain't it. "Baboon" would be funnier, BTWmonkey.
12. "Staycation" - I actually think this is a good word and it's the only entry on this list that I've heard people used in conversation.
11. "Icon/iconic" - Um, these are real words. They've existed for a long time. This entry is stupid.
10. "Desperate search" - Resourceful search?
9. "Maverick" - We should ban a phrase that was used unsuccessfully in a political coup? Who cares. It's the history books and won't be used again.
8. "Winner of 5 Nominations" - Don't these pollsters realize how important awards shows are for movies and television?! We don't watch anything unless it wins awards!!
7. "Game changing" - Is this said in regards to reality shows? I haven't been in a meeting yet where someone says a graph chart or power point is game changing. Who says this really?
6. "<3" - A texted heart that I suspect only girls (boys?) who are in love with the Jonas Brothers or Twilight send. As long as Lake Superior State doesn't ban (.)Y(.)<=3, 8===D~~ \|/ or (_|_), I think we'll all be OK.
5. "It's that time of year again" - Well, you could be dead and not have any more years. Smoke on that pipe, bitch.
4. "Carbon footprint" - Not sure what this is, but yes this sounds annoying. Sounds like a snooty way to say you're "going green."
3. "Wall Street/Main Street" - Definitely a red herring for banking and industry CEO's to pretend they care about the average person.
2. "First Dude" - Dumb phrase more because Todd Palin is from Alaska, not Malibu. He should've been the "First Redneck" and the actual first husband to a female President should be the "First Gent."
1. "Bailout" - Gotta agree. This has become the carte blanche of every sin correction in finance these days. Basically, when a company or bank is mismanaged and should declare bankruptcy, they instead get a "bailout." All the while, every taxpayer gets a "bailin."

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