Saturday, January 31, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra tease

As a kid there were really only two toy lines that I had EVERY product made: Star Wars and GI Joe. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of other toy groups: Transformers, He-Man, Go-Bots (aka Ghetto Transformers), Thundercats. But I had EVERY Star Wars and GI Joe character. So naturally, after George Lucas robbed and raped my childhood memories by creating Star Wars Eps. I, II and III, I was skeptical hearing a live-action version of GI Joe was being made. Early photos like these seemed promising...

...but I wasn't sold. The proof is in the pudding and tomorrow during the Superbowl the proof will be revealed: the trailer for the GI Joe movie will air. Entertainment Tonight (I can't believe this show is still on and Mary Hart is alive.) aired a quick clip from the trailer and it looks real sweet. Check it out below (or for better quality click HERE):

So, now I'm hyped up to see this trailer. With my luck it'll air when I get up to piss. Below is a fan video compiling all of the movie photos released of characters and describing the actors casted in the flick.

I gotta say something: Lady Jaye probably gave me one of my first boners as a kid and her not being in the movie is a crime. Karolina Kourkova is hot, but Cover Girl wasn't a real Joe. Lady Jaye knows how to handle a spear.

I obviously knew this even as a young horndog.

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