Friday, January 9, 2009

No longer Cuban's Cubbies.

Mark Cuban's bid to buy the Cubs from the Tribune Co. is dead in the water. He expalined on his blog, Blog Maverick, to explain what happened. Here's a quick sample I thought was interesting:

My sense of the entire situation was that whoever the new owner of the Cubs would be, it was in the Sox best interest for things to stay business as usual. Published TV ratings and other published measures showed that the Cubs were more popular than the Sox, yet before I even started looking at the Cubs, I knew from my discussions with people in the NBA that the Cubs and Sox were treated as equals in their business dealings. That was great for the Sox, not so good for the Cubs. I'm guessing the people in the Sox organization knew, that if I bought the team, particularly at the price point that was being suggested in the papers, there was no way I would just accept parity in future business dealings. I was going to have to try to negotiate the very best deals possible for the Cubs, even if it was at the expense of the White Sox.

Down with the White Sux!!!

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