Saturday, January 31, 2009

Octoplets doing better; release statement about loony mother.

This story is turning into one big mess. This is good news for me because I hate people like the Duggars and the Jon & Kate family (don't know their last name). Actually, Jon and Jon's kids seem OK, but they're stuck with mega-anal bitchy Kate. The Duggars I don't like for obvious reasons: the Duggar men worship Satan and the Duggar women marry his offspring. Just kidding. Satan's offspring have eyes.

No, I don't like these people because while childbirth is a miracle and parenthood is a challenge, the multiple births people one minute complain "poor us, we have so many kids and need help" and in the next minute preach about how much better they are than every other parent out there. Basically, I can do your parenting job times ten.

Naturally, when I heard a woman was giving birth to octoplets I was thrilled. Oh good, another perfect, large family that will need helping hands or handouts their whole life. Everything was great, the nation was inspired and the hospital doctors were bragging. Then some nosey reporter wondered, "How come no father is being mentioned?" Now, the flood gates have opened and the train wreck revealed. In a nutshell, the mother of the octoplets already has 6 kids, ranging in ages 2 through 7 (2 of the kids being twins), she's 33 years old, she lives at home with her parents and is single. What a prize catch she is: homeless, single mother with 14 kids!

Now grandma wants some publicity and confirmed what we all ready know: her daughter is loony. All 14 kids have been from in-vitro procedures and the new mom got paid to have all of them. Medical experts are investigating how she got paid and what doctors performed the in-vitro so often. According to experts, the technology is so advance these days that a 2 embryo implant ion usually works (so 8 embryos is reckless).

What most people don't know is that it's illegal for a doctor to implant more than 3 embryos at one time. Seems like the U.S. may now need legislation for the same. In the meantime, this woman (and her mom) will milk the famewhore cow as much as they can. it's the American way!

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