Friday, January 16, 2009

Pansy name, nerves of steel.

Everyone's talking today about the plane crash on the hudson river. So, I'll add to the discourse saying the pilot is a hero in my book too. Juevos grandes for sure. And I'll add that the situation worked out as well as it did because people didn't panic, push each other out of the way and get all dramatic. This would not have been my luck. I seem to fly with people who pack their whole closet in their carry-on and then bitch when it doesn't fit into the overhead compartments. You know, the same assholes who take their seatbelt off and fly out of their seats as soon as wheels hit runway. Shit, I'd probably drown myself rather than get into a raft with them.

Back on subject: Sully the pilot (real name is Chesley) saved lives, will get a key to NY and fame. Seems well-deserved in my book. Hope we get to hear from him sooon. Imagine how much $$$ the tv crews are throwing at him to get the first interview? Wonder who'll get it!

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