Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Skiing mishap

Judging by the title of this post, you might be expecting some horrible story about someone (or even myself) breaking a leg or arm while skiing. Or someone running into a tree and dying. Well, rest assured, this posting is about a man who falls through a ski lift and dangles naked while waiting for rescue. You can go HERE to read details about the mishap and to view photos of the incident, courtesy of "The Smoking Gun" website. The photos aren't that NSFW. (Is a photo of a flabby butt flapping in the wind not safe for work? OK, so it is.) But, the pics are most definitely VFFV (Very Funny For Viewing).

There's no frontal nekkidness in the photos, but I swear in one pic you can see bush...at that far of a distance! Dude, buy some scissors for the ladies.

Wonder if it's true his kid was in the seat with him. Worst. Father-and-son story. Ever.

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