Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things Every Man Should Do

In honor of Esquire’s seventy-fifth anniversary, the magazine looked at seventy-five things, from flying a Cessna to building a reputation, that every man should do before he dies. Some of the suggestions are cheesy (put a letter in a library book), impractical (halucinate in the desert on drugs) or just plain retarded (build a reputation as a badass), but there were some that make you think about your life right now and how you can shake it up. Just a bit.

Here's a cheat list of some of the cooler ones (and more feasible):
* play rugby
* repair an appliance
* fly the red eye from Vegas
* fly a Cessna
* fast for 3 days (water only)
* drive coast to coast
* do a flip off a driving board and nail it
* drink mescal in Mexico
* start something that scares you
* have a threesome
* get good at a sport thats not a sport
* listen to war stories
* sing in public
* give a panhandler all the money in your wallet
* make beer, wine or moonshine
* have sex in a body of water
* eat haggis, tongue,testicles, kidneys or brain
* walk 20 miles
* save something from the dump
* climb something you're afraid of
* get a deep tissue massage
* sleep outside for a week
* put $100 on a long-shot to win
* peg the speedometer

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