Friday, February 20, 2009

Bristol Palin on being a dumb, teenage, single MILF with no self-respect.

Like mother, like daughter when it comes to the spotlight. Bristol Palin, the 18 year old daughter of Sarah Palin, did an interview this week to discuss life as a young mother. In the interview, she was quoted saying:
"I wished it could have happened in like, 10 years so I could have a job and an education and be, like, prepared and have my own house and stuff."
She also goes on to say that abstinence is "not realistic at all." I guess they're like mother, like daughter in stupidity too. You regret getting pregnant, but you don't regret having pre-marital, unsafe, unprotected sex? (Let's not kid ourselves that she was on the pill or a condom was used.)

It's laughable that she thinks (and that Grandma Palin approves her telling the media...) that being abstinent at 17 years old is "unrealistic." Seriously? If it's unrealistic to be a virgin at 17 years old, what kind of self-respect and moral compass does she have?

Hey Bristol, here's something realistic for you: you should advocate that other teens have the self-respect to not "give it up" as easily as you did or advocate that they protect their health if they decide the time is right for them to not be abstinent.


houston said...

I think this author is an idiot. Simple as that. The truth is that abstinance for every teen in america isnt realistic and just because elliot thresher was a prude through life and coulnt find anyone that was willing to have sex with him doesnt mean he should attack a 17 year-old to make himself feel like more of a man

Elliot Thresher said...

Maybe I was harsh in my posting against Bristol; truth, is I don't know her rationale for having sex at 17. All I can say is during the election numerous photos of Bristol drinking and partying were on her Facebook and Levi's myspace pages, which demonstrates poor judgment on her part. I think it's irresponsible for Bristol in hindsight use "abstinence isn't realistic" as an excuse for partying and getting pregnant.

However, I still believe that staying a virgin at 17 years old not only shouldn't be too hard (no pun intended!), but makes a young man or a young women stronger in character for standing up for themselves and not giving in to peer pressure.

And if you think I'm a prude, clearly you haven't read any of my other postings!

Thanks for the comment.

Richard said...

I honestly have to agree with "houston" on what was said regarding Elliot Thresher's remarks on Bristol Palin. Let me put this out there, I am twenty years old and became a mother at the age of nineteen. Grant it, I may have already graduated from high school and was attending college when it happened, I was still young and unwed. Also, I will go on to tell you that I grew up in South Florida and while I attended high school, not ONE of my girl friends remained a virgin past our sophomore year, making all of us 15-16 years of age at the time. So for Bristol to say that abstinence is unrealistic this day in age for a teenager, she could not have made a more correct or educated statement my friend. So maybe, Mr. Thresher, you ought to wake up and pull your head out of your ass. Welcome to reality!

-Summer Williams
Houston, TX

Elliot Thresher said...

I was a virgin until I was 18. I have many friends who were virgins in their 20's. It's not unrealistic, to be honest. Bristol Palin is a hypocrite (which shows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?). She partied her azz off as a teenager and now uses society's pressures as an excuse for having no self-control or self-esteem.

Man, I can't believe I have such a clear rationale with my head in my azz.

Brianna Voytko said...

Oh please. There are all types of people on this world. I find it laughable that some girls think that every girl out there had the same lack of control that they have. I am 19 and still a virgin and so are the majority of my friends.

We are virgins for many reasons. For one, the diseases that you can get by sleeping around and no condoms aren't 100%.

But it goes deeper than just diseases. I do have some friends who are sexually active. So this girl is sitting there at a party with her boyfriend, who had been seeing and sleeping with another of our friends until she dumped him. So now the first girlfriend is sitting there with her boyfriend. Is he thinking about the sex he had with our other friend?

I could go on about that stuff all day long but it boils down to the fact that we aren't opposed to having sex, we just don't think it should be as casual as kissing or holding hands. So we aren't interested in sleeping with guys we likely won't even know in 5 or 10 years when we have graduated from college and started a career. Some of us can ignore the evolutionary call to mate. Some of us can use our brains to realize that a lot of life long bad can come with that 15 minutes of pleasure.

I agree with you on the assessment of the Palin family. More Bristol and her ex-boyfriend. I mean the idiot is going to pose in Playgirl magazine. The guy is not husband material in my opinion.

So is there a better explanation of why people should be more selective in who they sleep with? Sure the guy is good looking and if you are the type of girl who will sleep with a guy whom you just met, then he's probably your type, but that is not what I want for my child's father.

No, it is not unrealistic to use abstinence. it's just unrealistic for idiots who live in the moment, then want to whine about how unfair life is when they've screwed their life up through poor choices.

I probably wouldn't have a problem with it but in my few short years I have already learned that these people then think it is their right to put it on the people who did make good choices to take care of them now that they've screwed up their lives. Yes, once I have started my career, much of my taxes will go to support people who were not ready to have children.

not to mention the fact that I am having to pay my own way through college by working a job while some of my classmates have grants paying for their college because unlike me, they made bad choices in life and are now single moms. And they get to sit at home while I am working.

Something just seems backward about rewarding bad choices and punishing good choices in life. maybe that's what is really unrealistic. Unrealistic to expect that people will learn to make good choices when we reward bad choices and punish good choices.

Elliot Thresher said...

"Something just seems backward about rewarding bad choices and punishing good choices in life."

I really like your statement: "Something just seems backward about rewarding bad choices and punishing good choices in life." Backwards society for sure.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every time a chick has sex b4 she is past college, she has a self esteem problem, but I've never heard about guys having sex b4 graduating college having a self esteem issue? As far as still being a virgin into your 20's, sure it happens, but most of the ppl who are, have some sort of social issue.

Anonymous said...

Its so funny how liberals personally attacked Sarah Palins own family instead of attacking her on the issues. The GOP is poised to make huge gains in congress in Nov even though the media is 90 pct liberal. You had your chance not go to hell.

Anonymous said...

I just came up on this website when I was browsing around the internet. Let me just say that Elliot Thresher you are an idiot... Reason being you make statement based upon assumptions, "partied her azz off as a teenager". So, you were at some party with Bristol and saw these events occurring??? I think probably not. Did you know that it is allowable to drink adult beverages before you are 21 in Alaska? It also is in Texas, which is were I grew up. In some places in the United States of America, drinking is part of our the culture. So, because that isn't how you were raised everyone else is wrong? I think not. Maybe, you think I just some immorral piece of crap. I would like to also inform you that I spent three years in the Army in which I deployed to Iraq for 18 months. After that I served in the Marine Corp. for 3 1/2 year during this time I spent 8 more months in combat in Iraq, and I also deployed to Afganistan for 4 months before I was hit by and IED, roadside bomb, while in a vehicle. During that explosion I broke my back and was medical forced out of the Marines. (I can walk and get around just fine. I'm just saying) So, some people don't think like you and that makes them bad people. You my dear are a fucking retard.

It is my opinion that someone should be allowed to concent to have sex with another person whenever they feel ready to. You said that you had friend who were virgins into their 20's. WOW!!! That's great for them. My assumption is that they must be unatractive. Our world would be some much better if stupid people would mind their own business.

You should be ashamed of yourself for talking about a young lady like that. See, in Texas it is part of my culture to have better manners than that. Maybe, your parents taught you that make rude comments must young ladies is ok. Idk, just seems like you're... IDIOT!!!


mrsteve369 said...

I agree with your blog 100%. Don't just love it when assholes bash you with their hypocrisy?

Jaron said...

Alot of what has been commented on this post seems like empty words uttered by empty minds. I first had sex at fourteen. I also fully realized the risks involved with pre-marital sex before commiting said acts of insertion. There were a few times were I thought I was screwed and stuck with a kid but, I never had to worry much because I was careful and we were tested. So for all you prudes and sluts, the key in all walks of life is moderation. Also we can't forget education. I'm seventeen and of average intelligence. Most of you seem to be college or post college age and you make me feel like an intellectual phenomenon.

Brian said...

There is something to be said about someone who can make it through teenage years and stay abstinent. With that being said you must also respect others choices to be sexually active as long as it is safe. Why anyone would have unprotected sex with the amount of disease and risk of pregnancy is beyond me, unless it's a long time trusted (and tested) partner.

Yes at the age of 16 I was having sex and at the age of 17 it was unprotected, but... It was with a trusted and tested partner and we have both always wanted kids early. I am now 23 and happily married to this woman and have three beautiful kids and a great life together.

So, teenage pregnancies aren't always a horror story that "ruins" your life... but make sure that it is with someone who you can trust to stick around when it happens.

Elliot Thresher said...

Wow, great comments. Really shows diverse opinions. I'll amend my original posting by stating after seeing Bristol on DWTS she seems well composed and sweet. However, I would respect her more is she hit the speaker circuit addressing teenage sex education to include all options for teens, rather than just preaching abstinence.

And for those that think I'm attacking Bristol and not her mom's politics, why do you think Bristol only encourages abstinence? It's right out of the GOP handbook!