Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting jacked by big oil companies...AGAIN!

I know, way to state the obvious and there's no point being shocked. But still, I have to ask: why are oil prices going up at the pump if oil crude prices keep dropping? Can it be a more blatant example of price gauging? I think I'm more upset because no one complains until gas gets over $3.50 a gallon. Then, Americans start complaining about how they've had to cut back, can't drive places as much and have financial hardship because of their gas payments. Where are the outcries when the small, incremental increases are happening? The truth is no one cares notices until they're forced to.

When are people going to more of an emphasis on independence from oil?
  • Public transit instead of driving

  • Drink nalgene bottles with filtered water instead of bottled water

  • Buy local products (cuts semi truck emissions)

  • Recycle everything possible

Stop oil companies from stealing cash from your wallet. They're having record high profits while the rest of the modern world is getting crushed in a new economic depression.

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