Friday, April 3, 2009

Cutler in Chicago: the beginning is the end is the beginning...

That's kind of my state of mind right now. Basically in a flash, the Bears traded Orton and two consecutive #1 draft picks for Jay Cutler. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Yes, Chicago is way overdue for a dynasty (OK, I'll settle for franchise...) quarterback, but Da Bears have a knack for putting all their eggs footballs in golden-boy, students of the game washed-up in one season QB's. Grossman, Stewart, McNown. Da Bears also have a knack for dealing so-so QB's to teams that later get good results. Hutchinson, Harbaugh. Even if I ignore Cutler's past antics of being a crybaby and saying he's better than Elway, Chicago gave up a lot to get him here. I hope (REALLY HOPE) he's worth the gamble.

This clip sums up my thoughts right now exactly. Let's hope Stan's dad is right (0:45 second mark)!

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