Monday, April 20, 2009

Let me Twitter dat.

The title of this post (and the video below) kind of sums up why Twittering went from a hip new technology to the lame grocery listing of daily events that people do. When I first discovered Twitter, I thought, "I can probably now keep up with blog/facebook posting better. Maybe connect with some people on my Crackberry [with Twitterberry app] while out and about." Then , I paused with my revelation when I started reading about celebrities competing to get the most people following their Tweets. Ashton Kutcher won, which tarnished Twitter even further for me.

Now, the blogoshere is abuzz now that Oprah is Twittering. The problem is most bloggers are saying that Oprah will eventually put Twitter out of its misery due to the sheer cheesiness of her announcing show ideas with millions of her mindless fans (who only signed onto Twitter in order to receive her announcements). I have to say I agree with THIS. Not that Twitter usage will go down from Oprah, but that an innovative technology has become commonplace. That rather than investigate Twitter as a new toy, people will join Twitter in the hopes of communicating with a celebrity. That now, in addition to gossip magazines, paparazzi photos and TMZ videos, "news" in the US might consist of a report that Oprah Tweeted "@Gayle i quit" or that Ashton Tweeted "@iamdiddy told ya id win." Because when something mundane happens to any us, your first thought should be, "Let me Twiiter dat."

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