Friday, April 24, 2009

MMA fighter with no arms or legs?

An amputee in the Octagon? I'm all for someone with disadvantages striving and competing, but there's a difference between wrestling and ultimate fighting. Namely, wrestling is always going to end on the ground. The match ends (and points are earned) by trying to pin the opponent. I mixed martial arts, the match can be all striking without ever dropping to the mat. Yes, once on the ground he could be strong and agile enough to win. But standing up, the best he could hope for is to fight a grappler, right?

Seriously, who's going to kick or punch the guy with no limbs? MMA fighters are badass a-holes, but they're not Satan! Satan would totally roundhouse kick Kyle Maynard.

This just in: Satan's name is Bryan Fry and he'll be "fighting" Maynard this Saturday. Unfortunately for Kyle, he doesn't know who he's dealing with. No, not the douche that's going to bring a smackdown. The MMA a-holes who labeled his photo above "noarmsdude.jpg." Now that's just cold.

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