Monday, April 13, 2009

More Duggars!

Clearly, it took Josh and Anna Duggar almost 3 months to conceive, which for a Duggar is shameful and means they have fertility problems. The Duggar clan is adding another soft-spoken, creepily-agreeable polite, squeaky clean & responsible child to the U.S. This time it's not going to have a "J" name: it's a Duggar grandbaby and therefore the rules don't apply. Grandkids are "M" babies. WTF?! I shouldn't criticize the Duggars, especially since they seem to have direct line to a Fertility God and will pray to make me sterile to get revenge for dogging on them. Wait, they might pray to make me more potent and curse me with a brood of kids too. Dang they're evil!

Anydontcursemewithtoomanymouthstofeed, The Duggars seem perfect and keep procreating...blah,blah,blah...isn't it weird hearing a 20 y.o. girl stressing about a pregnancy test NOT being positive? Her and Josh, as shown on their tv show, were only allowed to hold hands while dating and couldn't even kiss (or do any other form of physical expression) until they were married. Ok, that I get. But, Josh and and Anna finally got permission by God (after being wed) to do the hanky panky and they're excited to be pregnant? Idiots! You finally get to do the horizontal mambo and you kill the good times after only 3 months (let be real, being preggo kills most sex lives). That's what I find kind of interesting about the Duggar parental grandparental units: Jim-Bob and Michelle have probably only had sex 18 times. OK, I'll be generous and give them the benefit of the doubt they felt frisky at least once a pregnancy. Rare, but possible. So, that's 36 times for their entire lives! And you know those two plates of blandness only do intercourse; there's for sure no other options on the freak menu for them.

The below video is of the clan announcing yet another little life will be born to take care of it's siblings some day while their parents...wait, what do the parents do if they're not raising kids or doing sexy times? Horse races and river boat gambling?

SNL needs a skit with Duggars singing about spaceships, toddlers, jars of beers, and Model-T cars.

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