Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nailin' Palin. Again.

I posted previously that I'd miss the ole gal if Obama won. You know there's a truckload of skeleton's in Sarah Palin's closet just waiting to burst open. Sadly, I think her daughter being a dumb, slutty teen with a broke, redneck babydaddy isn't even the "meatier" of the skeletons. I saw THIS headline this week announcing that Todd Palin (You know, that guy who stands next to Sarah Palin a lot while smiling. The mute guy who races snowmobiles. Yeah, him.) has a half-sister who's a thief/burgler. She might be going to jail. I'm sure sexy Sarah will pull strings to make sure that doesn't happen (hey, her ex-brother-in-law is a State Trooper, or so I hear...), but kind of funny to know some even worse hillbillies would've been in the White House than Bush. Too bad Obama won. Oh well, at least America's reputation will be fixed, the economy will be fixed and some world peace might actually happen.

In other related news, Sarah Palin is running Alaska into the ground (didn't she say last year that Alaska had a surplus and doesn't need handouts?) since she pissed off so many of her constituents and coworkers. Oh, and she's busy arguing with Bristol's babydaddy, Levi. Give'em hell!

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