Thursday, April 30, 2009

unSupreme Court

Welcome the United Puritanical States of America (UPSA)!

The Supreme Court recently voted to uphold the FCC going crazy collecting fines for cursing/swearing on television networks. Do people get out of control with cursing? Yes. But this ruling opens a huge can of worms with censorship in any media form. Is Catch In The Rye indecent? Is a swear word on a blog indecent? Is Fatal Attraction indecent? Is Lady Gaga's Poker Face indecent? If Justic Scalia (and other conservative babies) had their way, probably:
"Even when used as an expletive, the F-word's power to insult and offend derives from its sexual meaning," wrote Scalia.

I really don't think Americans realize what our rights are and how quickly they can erode if we let them. Just Stevens thinks words are just that:
"As any golfer who has watched his partner shank a short approach knows, it would be absurd to accept the suggestion that the resultant four-letter word uttered on the golf course describes sex or excrement and is therefore indecent," he wrote. "But that is the absurdity the FCC has embraced in its new approach to indecency."

Thanks God liberal and "minority" Americans Obama will be able to appoint new Chief Justices in his first term. This country needs some fixin'!

QUESTION TO PONDER: why do Americans with conservative theology ideology scream "Socialism!" when it comes to monetary issues, but scream for oversight and policing when it comes to entertainment?

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