Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Best TV Show Finales

I forgot the link to where I found this list of the 10 Best TV Show Finales, so I can't redirect to who's opinion this is (and why some of us beg to differ). Here's the list and I'll add my comments after each one. I thought it was interesting that not only are most of these recently ended shows (easily the past 5 to 10 years), which overlooks many great endings to television shows before 5 years ago (MASH being the only "oldie" listed), but most are genre specific (with crazy, rabidly loyal small fan bases) or were on cable (again limiting the number of viewers.

10. "Exeunt Omnes," Oz
Did anyone stick around long enough to watch this finale? If the finale was anything like the show, it ended with a group shower scene raping with the shanking of a skinhead by an African prisoner.
9. "Discos and Dragons," Freaks and Geeks
Heard it was a great show, but there was only 1 season. Can a finale for only 1 season be considered one of the best ever?
8. "Made in America," The Sopranos
The morning after this finale, everyone agreed it sucked. Fade to black. No ending at all. No one gets killed, no one rides off into the sunset. Now the armchair quarterbacks say it's one of the 10 greatest ever? They should be whacked.
7. "Christmas Special," The Office
Huh? The British Office? That no one in America watches?
6. "Daybreak," Battlestar Galactica
Big deal, they tied up lose ends and solved who's a Cylon and who's not. Is that novel?
5. "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen," M*A*S*H
This should be number 1. No doubt. I was never a big MASH fan, but it ended perfectly...the model for all tv show endings, IMO.
4. "Development Arrested," Arrested Development
They're making an Areested Development movie now, so should this be considered a finale anymore?
3. "Chosen," Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I can live with this at #3. This was a good ending. While it didn't follow the model MASH laid down, it ended the only way this wacky and innovative show could: with an all out bloodbath (with witty banter!) to save the world.
2. "Not Fade Away," Angel
This show lasted long enough to warrant a finale? Who knew.
1. "Everyone's Waiting," Six Feet Under
And after watching this finale, if you managed to not be depressed enough to kill yourself, congrats!

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