Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank you, White Sox!

Getting big-time baseball players to play for the Cubs is hard enough. The fans can be fickle (the greatest when you're winning, the most brutal when you're losing), Cubs management and owners have always made bonehead decisions (Sam Zell is clearly no exception...) and you're always a Cub for the rest of your career (for good or for bad). When Peavy was rumored to be heading to Chicago, it seemed too good to be true and the Cubs management would have to pay big money to get him here. Well, it turns out, not as much money or convincing as thought.

You see, the White Sux GM offered a dream package (because several players are coming off the books) to Peavy to bring him to the ailing White Sux and all of Chicago (based on Chicago sports media yesterday) was on board. Too bad Peavy wasn't. He initially said he needed a week or two to think it over. Turns out, he only needed about 12 hours to decline the offer.

So thank you White Sux nation...for convincing Peavy that if he comes to Chi-town, the Cubbies are where it's at. For reassuring penny-pinching Zell that it might not take THAT MUCH money to get Peavy. For showing Peavy what a 20-1 loss looks like, on the same night he's weighing the decision.

Tell you what though, Peavy drinks like a Southsider. Jager? Only suitable for Southside bachelor parties. Period.

On a funny note, listening the 670AM (and overall sports) personalities back-peddle today is hilarious. yesterday, they were all on the Peavy bandwagon. "Great offer" from Kenny Williams, "aggressive," "early," "trying to right the ship." Today: "wasn't a good fit," "not contenders in the AL central anyway." I'll give them that he didn't want to play in the AL, but I didn't hear anyone saying that yesterday!

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