Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you have to make the tree look bigger, you've got bigger smaller problems than hair.

This is kind of funny. Not sure if it's a legit commercial endorsed by Gillette or not. Basically, it's a "how to" video on how to shave a man's "twig and berries" area. I gotta say the guy cartoon in this video looks way to happy to have a razor on his junk. And the guy looks like a douche wannabe hipster. If they're going to play the "trim the bush to make the tree look bigger card," shouldn't the guy in the video look more like a real guy, not a metrosexual douche who manscapes? Let's be honest, most men who have to "pull the skin taught" (OUCH!!!) to "let the razor do the work," probably need to suck in their gut to even see where the razor should go. Scary and not a task the average dude should be doing without having the phone next to him to call 911 if something get's nicked. Yowza!

There's also videos on how to shave you chest, armpits back and head. OK, head makes sense and it's a cool alternative to growing out a comeover for balding. But, the back I think you need to go the professional route with electrolysis. And shaving your chest? Seriously, just carve the word "douchebag" in your chest. Trust me, it'll produce the same effect.

Yeah, armpit hair gets in the way all the time. Makes sense. Not so much. A man who decides to shave his pits should continue his glamification by going to his nearest tanning salon to buy 12 new sessions and then head out to "da club" later that night to debut his new hairless guns while sipping on mojitos. Too kool 4 skool!

On a more serious note, if you're contemplating manscpaing or have douche friends who may, please stop. If we've learned nothing from listening to women bitch about how much of a pain it is to shave their entire bodies, it's that we (men) don't want the same fate.

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