Friday, July 10, 2009

McNair not a hero. Not much of a father either?

I thought an article/editorial on the death or murder of Steve McNair made a good point about the America's tendency to "hero-ize" less than moral celebrities once they've died:

What we do know is that McNair had four sons. And based on the observations and comments of Kazemi's neighbors and neighbors at the condominium McNair rented, McNair spent so much time with Kazemi over the past few months that people assumed they lived together.

You see, this is my problem with McNair, with American men as a whole.

We shirk our responsibilities as fathers. We don't have time for it. We think it's a part- or no-time job. We think our career is more important. We think charity work is more important. We think some young tail is more important.

We foolishly believe we're unnecessary in the rearing of children. This mindset must die.

It's also a good highlighting that state of being a father in this country has been downsized in importance over the past couple of decades. No longer respected or even feared in most households, a father is simply a sperm donor in this day and age. Sad.

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