Thursday, August 13, 2009

Save Ferris. Remember Hughs. Savor tunes.

I'm a huge John Hughs fan, so the loss of him recently was tough to reconcile. So many memories growing up with his movies. Some of my favorite movies of all time include Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller. As much as the movies mean to me, though, the music from those movies is even more identifiable, for some reason. Simple Minds, Oingo Boingo, Thompson Twins, Altered Images. Those songs were anthems for these movies. Like a stunner to my ears, instantly halting me in my tracks, poised to identify the movie that first exposed me to the song that beckons my memories.


With that said, some savvy people managed to piece together songs from Ferris Bueller. Because, little did I know, Ferris Bueller NEVER HAD A SOUNDTRACK RELEASED. Not that I should be surprised; idiots like me anyone who bought the Sixteen Candles soundtrack discovered an entire instrumental album.


So, enjoy the unofficial Ferris Bueller soundtrack, with movie quotables included.


There's also a blog DJ who mixes rare 80's B-sides and lost tracks. Kinda cool for lamos like me.

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