Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glenn Beck: Satan's mentally challenged younger brother

Glenn Beck is a tough one. Not because what he says is strong in logic, but because I'm not sure anyone can get a read on him or what he stands for in tangibles or specifics. On the one hand, it's easy to take potshots at EVERYTHING and get people riled up in paranoia and mass witch-hunts. On the other hand, he seems to take shots at everything equally, albeit vaguely (capitalism, socialism, Dems, GOP), so he's not choosing sides necessarily (which I appreciate). If only he could get people to turn out at the polls and vote for a viable 3rd party candidate for President...I wouldn't care what kind of nutso stuff he cries about!

I hate the polarity of the political landscape in the United States. However, Glenn Beck makes me recognize that sitting in the middle and taking the best talking points from each side isn't the answer either.

Then again, if Chuck Norris is with Glenn, he can't lose an argument. Chuck drop kicks arguments without breaking a sweat.

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