Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cornell sex scandal

A scandal broke last week where 2 employees at Cornell University accidentally sent a private email thread to the entire University. The big problem? It was an email thread detailing their affair with each other (both are separately married) and how little work they get donw during the day. Lazy sluts!

Click on the link to view the entire thread, which is quite entertaining, I must say. One of the gems emailed during their workday:
And I will be SO F*CKING HORNY after I get done SPANKING that FINE A*S of yours for hours, you’ll be FULL for a week after you swallow me! And I hear that C*M is an excellent source of protein, as well as other nutrients!!!

Class all the way! The link also shows a photo of a gentleman and a lady these two pathetic, white trash cheaters.

I can't decide what's more sad: reading how the woman is tired of her kids and her home life OR reading how much a grown man gets into being tickled. Seriously, this guy goes from bj to tickle torture every second he gets. True torture is knowing these two idiots were paid for six hours of freaky deaky forplay.

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