Thursday, November 12, 2009

Prejean: a primadonna on Larry King

Carie Prejean goes on Larry King with a book to promote and has a problem when he asks a legit questions that is in no way confidential ("What is your motivation for settling?"). Whether Carrie Prejean was unfairly treated during and after the Miss America pageant is debatable. (Personally, I don't fault her for her opinion on gay marriage and it was a loaded question.) However, her actions and the revelations from her personal life (skinhead brother, sex tape with an ex, etc.) have demonstrated that she's clearly not someone who should've been representing the USA in any way. And what bothers me the most about her (and many of her conservative counterparts) is her lack of accepting responsibility. She answered stalwartly and boastfully honestly at the pageant, but yet it is the media's fault. She made a sex tape, but she's not a complete whore it's not her fault. She sues for religious discrimination, but she's a sanctimonious Aryan-nation slut it's not her fault.

And of all people to pull this on: Larry King? Lady, you're not that big of a guest for him. And consider yourself lucky he asked those questions to keep your 15 minutes running. Being a dumb b*tch is the most interesting thing about you!

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