Monday, October 27, 2008

Now this is some father and son bonding.

THIS article is disturbing on multiple levels:

1. There are uzis at gun shows?
2. Eight year olds are allowed to handle them?
3. While they're loaded?
4. Is there any way these people won't vote next week?

It's stories like this that have made the US a laughing stock to other countries. Honestly, if you don't travel much, talk to someone who has. It's a joke to hear foreigners talk about how Americans shoot each other all of the time. I'm too tired this morning to sugarcoat it. We're raising morons in the backwoods of this country and they're continuing the cycle. I would've thought Massachuesetts was kind of safe, but I guess idiots will travel to anywhere to have their 8 year old son shoot a submachine gun.

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