Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snoozing with the Stars.

Don't you like "stars" who's careers are in the crapper join "Dancing with the Washed-up Stars" and get chips on their shoulders? Newsflash: your 15 minutes are still up. Then, they all think it's a real profesisonal competition. It's a reality show about dancing, not Masterpeice Theatre.

In any case, the only reason to watch this season (Brooke Burke, who's a hot MILF now, is only worth watching in a bikini) was 82 year old Cloris Leachman trying to dance (unsuccessfully) and making fun of how this crap reality show has gotten too serious for it's own good. The other has-beens didn't want to be brought back into reality (aka they're still losers), so they started a backlash vote and Cloris got voted off last night. Oh well, it's not like I DVR this shit.

Below is, IMO, Cloris' best performance. Skip to the 2:55 mark for the real action (and by action I mean laughs...) to start.

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