Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sam the non-plumber.

And here I actually thought McCain had a great argument with using Joe the plumber as an example of how Obama's tax plan might not be fair. Joe the plumber: the name itself couldn't be any more perfect if it were "Joe American." Which is why I knew something was wrong with Joe the plumber. I thought it was that he looks like the kind of guy who rides a John Deere to Walgreens or who bangs his wife with his jeans still on. Nope. What's wrong is he's just another lying, non-tax paying crybaby. I'll provide the evidence in an article and video interview below to prove it. I'll summarize the nuts and bolts for expediency:

1. He doesn't have $250,000 or make $250,000.
2. He doesn't have the opportunity to buy the company he works for.
3. He's not a licensed plumber.
4. He already owes back taxes.
5. His name isn't Joe. (It's Sam.)

WTF???!!!!!!!!! So, at the Ohio Obama rally: Why would he introduce himself (as Joe, not Sam), say he's a plumber (which he's not) and present Senator Obama with a scenario that a future tax scheme is preventing him from buying a company (which clearly it's not)? And the made up purchase price ($250K) just happpens to be the lowest cut-off for increased taxes under said plan? GOP plant! Ringer!!

In a nutshell, Sam the unlicensed "plumber" doesn't ever want to pay a higher tax rate on $250,000, even though he can't even afford to pay $1,183 in back taxes. You can see the details here: Samuel the Plumber

And here's Diane Sawyer getting Sam to admit he's just as broke as the rest of us:

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