Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Er, somebody tell Sam the unlicensed plumber.

Ohio fucked McCain. Actually, the economy fucked McCain. Guess suspending his campaign to promote socialism (because we all know a goverment controlling banks is socialism, right?) didn't work.

So, Obama's President. Not officially yet, but Obama just has to win Cali, Oregon and Washington (combining for 73 electorals) for him to win. For those old, redneck, racist Republican voters who didn't finish school, that means McCain could sweep the rest of the country and still not win. Don't wake him to tell him though. Let him get his rest tonight. Sleep keeps death away.

Like I said, I'm sad no more Palin posts. No more Tina Fey on SNL genius! Sucks. Guess we'll see in 2012 if she'll become the first PILF!

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