Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Panic/murder/sexy-time room?

Hidden Door Co.
I just thought this was so cool and I'd love to get a hidden room someday. You know, somewhere private for me to chop up bodies. I wonder if they make rooms soundproof? You know Webster used to crawl up that grandfather clock to get to his scret room for cutting up squirrels and bunnies, right? No? Geez, you're naive.

No, but seriously. I do think these look cool and I'm wondering how you seal up a room to have them installed. Is it as simple as saying, "I want a wall and boookcase over there to you can't get into the dining room?" And as if I wasn't sick and twisted already (see above joke about murdering people...), I'm thinking a secret room would be pperfect for quickies while the kids are home. "Mom, where's my boookbag?" "Dad, can I borrow $10?" Not now kids, your parents are doing sexy-times in the hidden sexy room!

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