Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ah, these were the days.

This is a cool list I found of the top 40 missing people from the headlines. I'll link to the top 5, but you can go back through the list to look at others like Tonya Harding, Where's the Beef lady and Amy Fisher.

Where are these messes now?

The top 5 include:
5. The Encyclopedia Britannica dude: I never realized how annoying and rude he is in the commercial. What'd the announcer ever do to him? Somebody should've broke his mandibula!
4. The Bee Girl: she should be lower on this list. Who cares.
3. Miss Cleo: I know white people who do bettter Jamaican accents. That being said, Miss Cleo needed a sitcom. Her infomercials were the shit.
2. The Lifecall lady: who knew this commercial had so much contraversy? I just remember when I was a kid we'd always quote this commercial when we fell down.
1. Lorena Bobbit: shouldn't this evil woman have been burned at the stake years ago? I undertsand why she chopped his willy, but throwing it out a car window was just low class!

A psycho whore is number #1. How fitting!

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