Friday, December 5, 2008

A rite of passage protection.

Time ran an article about a service by Google has to prevent emailing a lovah when you're too drunk. Email? Seriously, are the kids today are so technologically absorbed they can't even get belligerent on the phone anymore? I mean, the fun part of this rite of passage ("drunk dialing") is that it's the Russian roulette method to deciding the relationship. If either side hangs up, they don't care and it's over. If they stay on the phone, they're either in love, or in lust, and hoping to squeak out at least one more booty call before it's offically over. I once fell asleep on a girlfriend who drunk dialed me:
Her, after suspecting I'm catching z's:
"DO YOU EVEN CARE?!!" Silence.
Me, trying to wake up:
"Yeah, I'm listening. You're so loud I have to hold the phone away from my ear."

I think it's funny the photo in the Time article has a guy contemplating "drunk emailing." What self-respecting man gets hammered and starts thinking about his relationship? Isn't it always the exact opposite? "Oh shit, my girl wanted me to call her if we left the bar. Oh well, my cell won't get any reception at the strip club."

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