Friday, December 5, 2008

Condom storage

When my wife and I were dating, I used to buy economy packs of rubbers (oh yeah!) and kept them in a junk drawer. My gal, at the time, thought that a tad uncooth. So, she had some free hand lotions she kept in a plastic Chinese take-out box and I took the box to hold rubbers. To this day, she still makes fun of me for keeping condoms in a fake take-out box, when she's the one who didn't want them in a drawer next to the bed. Why am I telling you this pathetic and weird story? Because I recently saw THIS online: Lifestyles condoms (which, I'm not kidding, was the brand of condoms I used) is having celebrities design boxes of condoms for charity auction...and Ashley Judd chose a fake Chinese take-out box!! See, not so weird, huh? She's smoking hot and likes rubbers in trashy, completely obvious containers.

Looking back, that's the funny part of my "classy" move to hide condoms. I had 2 roommates at the time and our apartment was a filthy bachelor pad (my room was a disaster). Looking back, it would've been hilarious to have walked by my disaster of a room with a purple plastic Chinese take-out box constantlly sitting on a table next to my bed. Anywhore, if you or someone you know needs somewhere completely obvious to store condoms, while blatantly advertising that you enjoying fucking a lot, tell them to get a Chinese condom storage box. Even celebrities use them!

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