Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everyone loves sequels.

OK, no one loves sequels to movies. Mostly because they suck and never compare to original movies. And sometimes they suck so bad, they destroy to entire franchise and/or the original flick (Matrix Revolutions, anyone?). Get ready because there's a ton of sequel movies being planned/filmed. Here's a rundown of some high profile projects, for better or for worse:

1. Shreks 4 and 5: Because you're never told old to pimp your kid into watching ogre fart jokes.
2. Jurassic Park 4: Spielberg might continue destroying his franchises (ala Indy Jones and the Crystal Skull) by picking up this tired story-telling again.
3. I Am Legend 2: reversing a plot twist (in this case death) to create a sequel is a classic move. Why not commit fully and make Omega Man 2?
4. Thomas Crown Affair 2: I'm a huge fan of Pierce Brosnan's remake of the original, but shouldn't this have been done years ago when he was young enough to pull it off?
5. Beverly Hills Cop 4: were there 3 movies already made? I'm in shock.

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