Sunday, February 15, 2009

Microsoft 3000: don't upgrade yet.

I had a roommate in college who was a HUGE fan of Mystery Science 3000. It wasn't enough for him to watch the show...or tape a VHS library of it. He scheduled classes around it! And while I have a healthy, robust sense of humor, I just didn't get it. Worse: I thought it was the opposite of funny. Inserting obvious one-liners into movies is the equivalent of video Mad Libs. And remember how young you were when you thought Mad Libs were funny and you thought you were so clever?

In any case, much to my dismay surprise, the MS3K (that's Mystery Science 3000 in geek-speak...which to me reads as "Microsoft 3000") guys are still at it. After at least 14 years. Seriously. 14 years of unfunny. Well, not sure why I'm providing this, but I found the website for their non-hilarious antics. Commenting on Dark Knight, Transformers and Fantastic Four movies. Their website boasts: "We don't make movies. We make them funny."
  1. No shit.

  2. No, you don't.
Is it any wonder these guys never went on to be big named comedy writers? Watch a clip or two and see what I mean. These guys can't be making money from this, right?

On the plus side (and why I'm posting about this), you and your friends will seem like comedians who need to quit their dayjobs because stardom awaits.

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