Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is why I drink Diet Coke Plus.

OK, I don't drink Diet Coke Plus. Vitamins in cola must taste like contradiction. I hope people like getting healthy while drinking cola, because the multivitamins they're popping aren't doing anything, according to some recent studies. This article post on Yahoo! summarizes that vitamins aren't worth taking, unless you have special circumstances.
"Folic acid supplements in women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant...Supplements that contain more vitamin D and calcium than is present in regular multivitamin pills can help older men, and especially women, avoid osteoporosis and bone fractures...Supplements of vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, zinc, and copper may slow the progression of vision loss in people with early macular degeneration. And multivitamins are beneficial for some entire groups of people:
those on a very-low-calorie weight-loss diet
strict vegetarians
heavy alcohol drinkers
individuals who are not getting an adequate diet because they are too sick or too poor--or live by themselves and are unable to prepare proper meals for themselves"
Yeah, because when someone is poor or alone, popping multivitamins is right at the top the list of things to do. And don't the above demographics account for 99% of the population? While I think we all know there's a lot of crap out there on store shelves that won't help you live longer or better, I can't believe doctors would advocate NOT taking a daily vitamin.
"No one denies that an adequate intake of vitamins is essential; however, vitamins can and should be obtained from eating enough healthy foods rather than from swallowing vitamin supplements."
There's a growing global obesity problem due to overprocessed food consumption. Shouldn't doctors appreciate that if someone is taking a daily supplement (and isn't poor, alone, drunk, pregnant or a vegetarian) they at least care enough about their health to give it some thought?

Whatever. When does Grey Goose Plus hit the shelves!

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