Thursday, February 12, 2009

Octoplets website: their mom wants your money!

Posting about the Octoplets' mother (Octo-mom) is like posting about Sarah Palin: I really don't want to, but the stories seem to get more ridiculous everyday and these ladies seem to crave the attention (and add fuel to the fire!). With that said, the latest story is that Octo-mom had started a website to ask for donations to help support her kids. This website is brand new and created after the fact that:
  • She has no job.

  • She lives at home with her parents.

  • She regularly uses food stamps and Medicare.

  • She has spent tens of thousands of dollars on in vitro fertilization...

  • Which resulted in 6 kids, previous to the octoplets...

  • Three of whom have special needs.

  • She allegedly has spent money on plastic surgeries. (See photo below.)

  • She has hired a publie relations team!
Seriously, I think this woman needs to be in a mental institution. There's something not right in your brain to put yourself (and helpless children!) in this situation.

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