Thursday, February 5, 2009

Octoplets working the PR machine

Man, did I call this one! In an earlier posting, I mentioned how the octoplets' mother and grandmother seemed to want to get more attentioon for their situation. Low and behold, the mother has hired a publicist. Obviously, I'm not shocked since the octoplets seems to be the latest celebrity fodder. Not really a shocker. What is a shock to me is that all 14 of the mom's children were from in vitro procedures.

Suleman, who has six other children, is now the mother of 10 boys and four girls younger than 8. All were born by in vitro fertilization, her mother has said. Despite what might seem like an overwhelming number of children and despite her family's apparent financial difficulties, Suleman is "upbeat" about her future, Killeen said.

What makes me feel sorry for those kids is that they didn't ask to be brought into the world this way and didn't ask for these crazy people to be their caretakers. The mom gave no consideration as to the sacrifice needed (time, money, love or otherwise) needed for 14 kids to grow up feeling good about themselves and loved.

The more I hear about this story, the more sad I am. And don't even get me started about the $3 million pricetag the hosptial care will cost, because some quack doctor didn't determine that a single, poor mother with 8 kids shouldn't have any more embryos implanted.

Sick. Sad. Ridiculous.

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