Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wii Fit: retaliation

I posted last week about various articles online criticizing the Wii Fit's weight-loss claims and athletic boasting. Well, there was a backlash and some of the retaliation responses were posted online. You can go HERE to read them. IMO they seem like isolated cases, except for the pediatric physical therapy argument, which I would like to believe. I found an article about the Wii Fit being used for post-operative rehab too, which is a cool idea.

But for the folks who use the Wii Fit to get off the couch for 10 to 30 minutes, the money spent on the console, board and games would've bought you weights, a bench, mat and swiss ball. Money better spent for legit weight-loss. I mean, maybe if they wore workout clothes I might be convinced. But there no way people are working out hardcore in jeans and skirts! Check out some of these athletes I found on Flickr:

Perfect warm-up before I hit da club!

Lookout Vail!

I'm going to be a better lover now. Thanks Wii Fit!

F*ck spinning. The Wii Fit has me looking H-O-T.

Walking a tightrope is totally easy.

Yoga on a Friday night.

I'm killing it on the half-pipe with a half-moon!

I don't want to be mean and pick on people, but I'm angry that yet another gimmicky item (see my Snuggie post) is flying off shelves (I know people wait-listing the Wii Fit!) because people are so quick to hop on the latest technology bandwagon without thinking: is this worth the extreme pricetag?

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