Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guess I have to stop faking it.

Moving to the Midwest from the East Coast, for the most part, was for the better. The only major hang-up that has still been tough to get over: food. Don't get me wrong I love Chicago-style, deep dish pizza. However, I'd be lying if i didn't say I missed East Coast pizza: crispy-crusted, thin, flat, wide, triangles of burnt-bubbled cheesy heaven. Sbarro's, the mall pizza staple is the closest I've found to an East Coast slice (SIDENOTE: why does no one in the Chicagoland area sell pizza by the slice? It makes sense! yet, hard to find and the ones who do eventually stop or closedown.) OK, Sbarro's normally sucks, but if you have them put a plain cheese slice back in the over until the cheese browns and the crust crisps, I can fake it and pretend it's East Coast style. And it can only be faked with plain cheese. The toppings outside of the East Coast are not the same...there's no faking it.

Now I have this to crushing news to what little solace I had faking it: Sbarro's is in danger of losing their ovens. Nooooooo! Not that I'm surprised because, like I said, everywhere that sell slices goes under (it may make sense, but maybe it doesn't make money?), but I'll being limited in pizza choices once again.

If Sbarro's wants to make it, they need to stop selling their crappy pastas (I suspect their lasagna actually has rubber in the recipe...) and specialty salads. Oh, and try firing the 11 people that always seem to be working there. One person to make pizza, one person to cut/serve them on the plate and one person to do drinks and cash. It's paper plates, so you don't even need a dishwasher!

Today is a sad day.

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